MEAT & METAL: ROBIN12 is a dark & humorous sci-fi animated series created by freelance animator and cartoon junkie,
chris OVEMERY.

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What is this ROBIN12...thing?

Set on the Swedish countryside, ROBIN12 is the story of a boy once simply named Robin, who died at a very young age in a tragic accident only to be Frankensteined back together years later by a family unable to deal with the loss. Patched up from an assortment of body parts taken from the local cemetary and cobbled together from mysterious war machinery marked '12', Robin, now ROBIN12, isn’t really what he used to be. 

The main storyline mostly revolves around ROBIN12 & his family dealing with the battle between 'meat and metal,’ resembling the 'heart vs. brain' struggle we all know from our daily life, but turned up to 11. It does not end there, however, as the machinery that has been implanted in Robin proves to belong to a villainous force, the mysterious ‘12,’ who definitely wants his powerful gear back.

The language will be in English, but with some occasional heavy 'Swenglish' accents.

I want this show to be a fun mix of the late-80's and early-90's morning cartoons that basically brought me into animation in the first place, combined with the modern adult animation shows of present day—a kids show for adults, if you will. 

Making of car drive animated adult series ROBIN12

And what about this Sweeeedish family?

ROBIN12 animated show concepts


Not much was left of the young Robin after the accident, however, his brain was luckily left fully intact. With the help of some DIY-dad-gone-mad antics involving stolen body parts, some random kitchen utensils, and bizarre scrap machinery marked with the number ‘12,’ at least some form of Robin is back. I guess a ROBIN12 is better than no Robin at all, right?


Mats character concepts for animated adult series ROBIN12

Mats is your typical DIY-dad. Like, why pay for things when you can do it yourself? The tragedy of losing one of his sons, Robin, took a toll on him, and after that he went a little loony. Unable to deal with the loss, Mats turned to pseudoscience and various hocus pocus methods in order to try & achieve the impossible: get Robin back!



William character concepts for animate adult series ROBIN12

ROBIN12’s twin brother & Mats’ teenage son, William, is an 80’s metal maniac that, despite being loud and a bit difficult at times, loves his dad more than anything. William does not really believe in his dad’s crazy mission, but he does anything that helps to bring his dad out of the misery.
Besides... what if?



About me

My name is Chris, and I am freelance animator living in Gothenburg, Sweden with my wife and two little boys. Growing up in the late-80’s and early-90’s, drawing was the best thing I knew. I always tried mimicking the cartoons (TMNT, DuckTales, TaleSpin...) and the comic books (Judge Dredd, Punisher, Batman…). That meant everything to me.  10-year old me took inspiration from that stuff and spent hours upon hours creating my own worlds filled with characters and villains.

Life went on and it came to be my understanding that drawing crazy characters isn’t really something you do other than as a hobby, so, I took a little detour for a few years working & studying things I didn't really care about. Luckily enough, I eventually stumbled into graphic design. I started illustrating again and the ball just kept on rolling to where I am now: 5 years into freelancing full time as an illustrator/animator, and I'm loving every minute of it.

While creating commissioned art & animation sure is fun, creating something of my own is what I really dream of. We all change as we grow up, but I cant help but to feel extremely connected to the big-dreaming, monster-drawing kid from way back.


Freelancing with chris ovemery animation show youtube
ME (1).jpg

Giving back

Almost everything I know in animation and artwork I've learned from tutorials online, primarily on YouTube. And, for a few years now, I've found enormous joy in giving back by running my own channel, "Freelancing with Chris OVEMERY," where I, in the form of my animated-self, share tutorials and general thoughts from what I've learned as a full-time freelancer for the past five years.

I've already began sharing tips and thoughts from the production of ROBIN12, and that’s something I intend to keep on doing as the project progresses. For the people interested in full insight in the process, I'm also live streaming as I work on ROBIN12 every Wednesday!

When watching shows, I always wonder how things are made and what software is involved. Often times I feel those things are somewhat hidden to us, for some reason. ROBIN12 is a project intended to be 100% transparent in regards to the creation process. As I learn, you will too.



Okay, cool… So, what’s happening now?

Im happy to announce that ROBIN12 is coming to Kickstarter! More information coming soon.

Animation is a time consuming process, especially if you are doing it all by yourself. At this point, full focus lies on producing the first full 12-minute pilot episode. An episode mainly focusing on setting the stage and about Robin becoming ROBIN12. Currently, a segment of 2-3 minutes is fully animated and will be released to the public soon. The reason I wanted a full segment instead of a conventional trailer is to show both you and myself how this will look and sound. It’s one thing to collect a bunch of cool clips to dramatic music, but creating the actual thing is something entirely different. The good thing is: I’m really happy with where things are going!

With a full 12-minute episode, I plan on reaching out to studios & networks who might be interested in making a full season of ROBIN12 with me. Plan B is to go the independent route and continue working with what I have and the talent around me.

On this first episode, everything from story, sketches, concept drawings, storyboards, backgrounds, art, & animation I do by myself. ROBIN12 would be nothing without the talent helping me out though. Liam Lucas is helping me add some sound design, and almighty 'Ambush' provides with some old school sounding heavy metal.

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Making of ROBIN12 animated adult series

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